Generation III

As of today, we’ve had a free country for 64 years…

Sounds like such a short time doesn’t it?

If you chop it up to thirty year “generations” , you get me, dad, and grandpa. (We don’t get to call them cool media names, I mean all our generations are baby boomers!). My generation has got its turn at the wheel for four years now.

The first generation are the “builders”, a group of sophisticated, motivated, nationalistic elite who where given a plot of land cleaved by Europe in a multi-cultural landscape and asked to build a nation from scratch. Every move they did, they had the future in mind, they understood the gravity of their responsibilities. Each one of them had a vision, and they were ready to die for it. What the first generation gave is -chaotic and rife with paradoxes it may be- a country…

The second generation are the “defenders”.  If there was one thing grandpa lacked, it was stability. Syria is still world record for number of military coups in a 5 year period (last I checked). Second generation had to spend a good part of their thirty years thwarting external and internal threats. Their legacy, what so many of them died to give, is a stable and secure Syria, in a region where stability is a priceless commodity.

What’s our role then? What are we supposed to do?

We’re here to complement what the first two lacked, a global identity. Syria has long been a politically agoraphobic country. It didn’t really care what kind of image it painted to the world, as long as the job got done. But 3rd generation Syria is different, today you have artists, filmmakers, bloggers, columnists and even taxi drivers obsessed with showing the world the “real Syria”.

The first two generations gave us a powerful infrastructure . It’s our turn to build a vibrant, globally significant nation. It’s time the world found out about Syria.

Happy independence day everyone

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3 Comments on “Generation III”

  1. Alloush Says:

    Wonderful post, I agree with you, Happy independence day Mr. Seleucid 😀

  2. Da_aZ Says:

    I agree with you as well, although I don’t know that you can say you’re a free country. You’re independent, yes, but free? Free of what exacly?

    Happy Independence day!

    • seleucid Says:

      Well I guess I meant free to decide our fate, which more accurately means independent. But I still think free sounds better in the sentence and will use it as an independent synonym 🙂

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