The perfect Arab consumer

Flip between the Arabic channels, see all the popular shows, clips, series. Do you see what I see?

Star Academy, Turkish soaps, talk shows… anything you can think of, all geared towards women. Even Haifa Wehbe, you think she’s trying to attract boys? Walk in an Arab street, see all the girls wearing the “Haifa fashion” to know you are very much mistaken. It’s got to a state that male viewers have nothing to watch but politics and football.

Why not? The average Arab female is the perfect consumer. Average education, little to no life experience, bored out of their brains, and in possession of all the money.

Yup, let’s not kid each other here. While it’s the father’s role to provide the money. It’s the wife and kids job to spend it. Notice how in all middle or high class families, daddy usually has the oldest mobile, lamest car, being dragged into parties he doesn’t want to attend etc.

We’re raising a generation of females in permanent adolescence, and it’s getting worse every year…

We marry them, put them inside cement walls, make them do their usual routine chores, pacify them with television images of pretty dresses and make-up, spend money on them, buy them all the shiny things they desire. Sure they don’t have any idea about life, no economic or social freedom. But it’s ok, since we’re spending 90% of our paycheck on them, they’ve gotta be happy.

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15 Comments on “The perfect Arab consumer”

  1. Dee Says:

    the TV is more or less becoming an enemy.. i’m for homes with no tv. that way you’ll choose what you want to watch and not just watch anything. that’d be one step into breaking this cycle i guess.

    • seleucid Says:

      TV is a pacifier, but it shows you what its paying customers want to see, so its a reflection of culture.

      In this case customers want to see Nancy Ajram in gold, Hilda Khalifa in three gowns every show, and big Turkish villas with all the girls in summer dresses.

      Who does that seem to be targeting in your opinion?

      • Dee Says:

        well everyone and everything will only care about selling itself/its product. So it’s up to us if we buy it or not. So i blame us and not really what’s being put on tv for us.

  2. solange ici Says:

    Take at look at countries where the women don’t have equal pay for equal work. Then see if there is correlation with a cultural value to put females on a pedestal as being those members of society mythologically imbued with
    “virtue”. this becomes the intellectual weapon used/reason for excluding women from reality and decision making… They are “too fragile” and need protection, right? I will show you infantilized women and/ or girls who are the perfect consumers you describe in the countries where there is no equal pay for equal work. ( I am thinking of arabic countries and USA in contrast with sweden or switzerland) Are they forced to be lying, subservient, passive-aggressive, gold digging consumers of men’s wallets and goods by these antiquated ideas?
    Living in a gilded cage or one made of cement walls can not bring a lifetime of happiness. Neither is it a lifetime of security. We must be brave enough to have open dialog. There are some men who seek to create a new world order with a woman who walks beside him, not behind or in front of… bravo Seleucid for your vision! I think only a man with a very low sense of his intrinsic value would succumb to the thinking that all he has to do is buy shiny things to keep a woman in his life.

  3. علوش Says:

    I agree, dude you really should study economics, especially politic economy.

  4. hadaya Says:

    halloo seleucid,
    i think the main issue here is defining the reason and the result.. i see these tv shows as a reflection of the middle and high class families -of course not a reflection of the lower class people- and not a reason for having what you called “females in permanent adolescence”…these tv shows are business and it is their right to make profit ,ya maybe someone would say: but they should have some moral and cultural responsibility… well, no they dont have to.. this is business and the main target of any business is profit!
    so i think it would a better idea to discuss the real reasons of having this kind of “female cultur” , or generally speaking, this kind of cultur cuz this “female culture” is only a part of our cultur ..
    what can theses reasons be?? check some ideas:
    2-male-based society
    3-sexual suppression
    4-old tradditions (dont you think that these girls try to find any possible way out?)

    one can say , what has religion to do with this??? well it is simply -in our society – the parent of all other reasons..they all can be derived from religion

    so dont blame the tv shows they are only a mirror to a part of (middle and high classes) our society..

    • seleucid Says:

      Thank you Hadaya. I believe in what you believe, that TV is a reflection of the problem and in no ways a reason in itself. I thought I had made that clear in my post, but reading it again, I realize not so much.

      There’s a weird idea going on in my head, I don’t believe religion controls people anymore. It’s more probably the other way round. Or at least some people control religion and then use it to control others. Religion in itself is so vast, you can’t get anything from it without finding an obvious contradiction, so basically you choose what you (or someone else) want to choose.

      These thoughts are in no way crystallized enough in my mind that I could be capable of discussing them. When they do, I will write a post about them 🙂

      • hadaya Says:

        hallo again,
        you said :”Or at least some people control religion and then use it to control others.”
        well ,thats 100% right. but what really matters ,is that people are at the end of the day controlled by religion…question is : why is religion so easy to take advantage of???
        my answer is because it is :
        1-holly:so you are not allowed to refuse or even discuss(this one really works).
        2-stupidly flexible to whatever situation :
        because it is based on legends ,you can understand it as you wish,note that both :haifa wehby and yousef al-karadawy insist they are religious.
        so as a result some people can use the 2nd point to make new rules(fatwa in case of islam) and depending on the 1st point they can dictate their rules to others..
        so all you have are actually some rules from some people(who probably have their own interest making these rules), and you have to pick a rule and defend yourself cuz you didnt pick some other rule,and meanwhile you notice the fact that religion draws your borders, you simply move back and forth (thinking you have all the freedom you need) within the borders that religioins draw
        so religion DOES control people although not directly..

      • seleucid Says:

        I accept that religion makes it easier to control. But there are so many other ways to control beside it, and you’re going to get so many rebels holding some opposite side of the text and just as determined.

        It’s a shame to waste this conversation on an irrelevant post. I’ll post something on religion soon and we’ll discuss under that.

        Or maybe you can start your own blog Hadaya 😉

  5. hadaya Says:

    starting my own blog isnt in on my agenda at least for now, but posting something on religion would great

  6. Syrianish Says:

    The society we live in, doesn’t give woman the freedom what they want.

    Like I said before: “I am female; therefore I can’t” Regardless of what the action is, there will always be a restriction of what I do – because I am female.

    The problem is, we have 2 mentalities emerging. Both mentalities are entirely opposite. One, is how you, I and what the youth thinks. The other one is what our parents, grandparents, and the elderly think.

    My father and mother both believe that the biggest mistake of my life was that I did not study medicine, or the least of it – pharmacy, whereas my brother; the road to his future is craved by himself – Whether he chose law, business, or anything that’s nothing close to medicine.

    The lack of care given towards females is quite noticeable in our Arab society. But the intense fear on them, what they do, where they go, and who they talk to – is unbelievable.

    You and I are both guilty. We just argue that our system of how the society works is failing, while we do nothing but rant about.

    I say, screw them. I am what I am. And I do what I do, because I simply love what I do. I am female, and proud to be created as one. No one will ever stop me from doing what I believe is right.

    By 9th grade, my grandmother wanted me to get married. As a young Syrian girl, from a wealthy family, I was the prey of every single materialistic guy. Imagine, that my mom had no problem with me getting married to some mindless jerk, because “lazem anseter”

    Thankfully, my father’s education abroad, and poorness while growing up gave him the wisdom my mother lacks: Woman should study and be able to stand up on their own, without the need of a man in their life “supporting the family”

    Though, we find many couples that are nowadays in balance of equality. The old mentality still did not seize to exist.

  7. I believe this is one of the major problems nowadays and it’s 100% reality.

    Btw, try to search for Kais Salman, a Syrian artist who sees this problem and try to talk about it in his paintings. He’s a very good artist, one of the best young artists in Syria now. Let me know what you think 🙂

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