Urban exploration: Aleppo

Ever since my internal med rounds were shifted to the middle of nowhere ,or as my brother calls it, ma7al ma fi6es ilja7sh, I’ve been trying to make the most of it. From crazy ass highway biking plans “I don’t know how to bike” to walk/jogg-ing all the 7 km back home, there’s always been an adventure.

I was fortunate enough that I get out at noon, when the warmer-than-usual winter sun will make my walks all the more exciting, and glean to my eyes places to explore. Every day I tried a new route, discovering abandoned and working factories, streets where cotton strands fly around, dusty neighborhoods with kids running everywhere. It’s amazing to feel like a tourist in your own city, to get to see a place many call home, to know that Aleppo means different things to different people.

Under the pretense of finding a route safe for biking, I found myself trying a longer crazier road today. That’s when I saw this, and the idea bulb in my brain flickered.

Immediately I went down, and begun exploring the way, seeing how far I can go. Turns out it was pretty far.

What I found is a rural haven in the midst of Aleppo’s highways, a lost piece of ground where crops are planted and goats and cows are herded, in a background of deteriorating towers and car junkyards.

As you might have figured out, I did find the perfect biking route I was searching for. Fortunately, it turned out to also be the perfect place for jogging and long walks, and a starting point for many of my following explorations. Hell I bet I can even race a car down that cement road grease style

Well we do have the cars in Aleppo... all I need is some mousse and a chick with neon trousers

Every city is beautiful, and has the potential to surprise you much more than you realize. We’re blessed to be living in an age with so much information at our fingertips, and we are masters at utilizing it. Check your city on google maps, and go somewhere you know nothing about. Wander around aimlessly, familiarize yourself with everything around you. Some days will be duds, but if you live in a city as magnificent as Aleppo, you’ll find your special spot sooner than you think, and you’ll fall in love with it.

Oh and I geo-tagged these pics for the curious Aleppine. Don’t forget to get your camera and share.

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18 Comments on “Urban exploration: Aleppo”

  1. Ah… it’s Ramoseh road to Sfireh and Aljabool salty lake. I know it & hate it because i was there for 6 months in my military service.

    المناطق اللي بتجي بعدين مذهلة من ناحية بدائيتها يعني أنا ما تصورت أنو هيك يكون الفرق لأنو ما بتبعد عن حلب شي ومع ذلك فيه فروق بعشرات السنين وبالسفيرة بيحس الواحد أنو صار بزمن تاني وخاصة اذا بيفوت ليشتري شي بس منطقة زراعية رائعة

    • seleucid Says:

      Kenan, welcome to my humble blog.

      It may look similar, but this isn’t Ramooseh. It’s on the opposite side. This is where Sheikh Najjar, Hillog, and Sheikh Maksoud are.

      To the North ya3ni 😉

      • اي والله غلطان
        لأني فكرتها الأقنية الموجودة ع طريق السفيرة
        ما قلتلك المدونة حلوة كتير

      • seleucid Says:

        يا سيدي اذا بربع حلاوة مدونتك بكيّف 🙂

        عفكرة الصور فيهن معلومات (ج ب س) يعني اذا عندك برنامج, بورجيك وين عالخريطة

  2. Dareen Says:

    Maan, I regret not taking the chance to enjoy all of this when I went there. #SyriaIsAwesome
    You’re a sucker for adventures. I like 😀

  3. haitham Says:

    awesome pics 🙂

  4. Rima Says:

    great shots, i think its a great idea to take our camera with us and share what we see (i need to put more photos from my camera in my blog ) great job 😉

  5. Siiiiiiiiiiiigh what I wouldn’t give to live in Syria for at least a year!

  6. أمنية Says:

    نهر قويق هاد؟

  7. Anis Says:

    Hi seleucid!
    I am a German geographer, and I found your blog searching the net for interesting sites from Syria. I like the topics you write about and the way you see things.
    I’ll go to Syria the day after tomorrow on a vacation together with 3 friends of mine, and I don’t only wanna see the tourist face of Syria (that of course as well:), but try to get a glimpse of how different people live there and what they think, see places where the city lives and not only shows its most presentable face. Is there anywhere you would recommend us to undertake our “urban exploration”? Of course, if you wanna join us or meet for a coffee, we would be happy about your company as well! (Wow, it’s quite unusual for me (…first time…) to simply write a comment like this on a blog – but why not just ask?:)

    • seleucid Says:

      You don’t have to go anywhere. Old Aleppo is an intricate maze that you won’t remotely begin to appreciate even if you spend months. I also advise you to be bold in exploring new culinary delights.

      Welcome to my humble blog, and thanks for the kind comments.

      You’re going to love it here. Do you have a twitter account?

  8. علوش Says:

    Nice to read for you again!.

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