Interview with a label: Priapus_D

Hey there people, back from imposed hiatus.

I was thinking of the most positive thing I can do for the country, and I found out that nothing could help us more than unity. We are getting to a point that the cacophony that we’re calling debates is becoming a much bigger danger to the country than any sort of police brutality. So in that spirit, I’m starting a new project: Interview with a label.

In this blog series I’m going to ask Syrians their opinions regarding different talking points in the country, and then finish it with the labels they get filed under.

The point of this series is to show that what we have in common is much more important than what divides us.


My first interview was with twitter celebrity @priapus_D. Hope you like it.


1-Where do you see Syria in one year?

I see three options: 1. In civil war 2. going back 20 years 3. cosmetically reformed


2-In brief, what were your positions regarding the revolutions of Tunisia and Egypt?

I was with them, especially the Egyptian one, I was hoping that the events there might be progressive and create a civil state, day by day I feel that I was wrong.


3-What’s your opinion on the government response to protests?

In my opinion the government response was stupid but moderate.


4-How do you feel about the media wars in Syria, the blackout, and the conduct of local and regional media?

Completely disgusted.


5-Are you with or against article 8, assigning the Baath party as leader of the nation and the people?



6-Are you with or against the information ministry, and its job of guiding public debate

In principle & long term I am with their removal.


7-Syrian riot control groups are known for being heavy handed, using plainclothed policemen, mass arrests, visible brutality. Do you consider it necessary, or do you think the current riot control tactics must be modernized?

Although their tactics are sickening but I think that the chaotic and barbaric situation on the ground requires some deterrence, but for sure those ottoman style Daraks need to be modernized.


8- Syria uses many extra-legal forces, units considered outside the government structure. For example there are thugs, paramilitary, businessmen. Do you think these forces are necessary? Or should be dismantled or incorporated into the official system?

I think that most of those forces are acting on their own trying to protect their own interests. Violence is noticeable every where in Syria and I believe that all forms of violence by civilian groups should be stopped.


9-Are you with or against holding government officials and security under state law?



10- Many Syrians have been jailed for publicly stating the opinions they hold, under laws such as weakening public spirit, and enticing strife. What’s your position on the prisoners of opinion?

I believe that every one under custody should get a fair civil trial.


11-What’s your position regarding external pressure on your own country.

I oppose any kind of foreign pressure.


12-What’s your opinion regarding the Syrian economy? What would you like to see?

More emphasis on capital goods and production sectors of the economy and less emphasis on services and consumption.


Priapus_D has been labeled a regime apologist, heartless Kissingerist and a defeatist.

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5 Comments on “Interview with a label: Priapus_D”

  1. Zendette Says:

    Great concept. Priapus_D gives a different view from what little I’ve seen in international media

  2. بنت من هل بنات Says:

    Great idea you have going here. Take it and run with it. Looking forward to more like this!

  3. Dee Says:

    Great idea, wrong person. For this person is one of the very few that is labeled exactly as he is. And about Egypt, the least example of moving forward is opening Rafah crossing, but no, he just ‘pretends’ to care.

  4. Please add Shabee7 to the list of labels!

  5. Abu Kareem Says:

    Priapus_D seems somewhat schizophrenic in his responses. He thinks that the regime response was “moderate”! Sure if your yardstick is Hama 1982. Yet, answering another question, he calls the regime’s tactics sickening. So which is it Priapus_D?

    Have we Middle Easterners been so brutalized by our despots that we accept the killing of some 1500 unarmed citizens as a “moderate response”?

    And what’s with the Priapus_D name? Clearly, too much of his energy is being sapped away from the brain to support another oversized organ.

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