Interview with a label: Ali_what

The biggest problem with Syrian politics is that people have always known what’s right and what should change, but they never had the courage to ask for it, nor were they convinced that they might be able to make an effective grassroots movement and be able to change the situation.

I’m glad to see people like Ali_what tweeting their honest opinions from inside the country, and not responding to any kind of coercion. When enough of us stand by our opinions, silencing us won’t be an option anymore.


1-Where do you see Syria in one year?

In a really bad shape.

2-In brief, what were your positions regarding the revolutions of Tunisia and Egypt?

I didn’t really give it much attention. I remember I underestimated the whole thing from the start. I didn’t believe taking down a government solves as many problems as one might think.

3-What’s your opinion on the government response to protests?


4-How do you feel about the media wars in Syria, the blackout, and the conduct of local and regional media?

Also stupid and totally unnecessary.

5-What’s your opinion on legally recognized foreign parties in Syria?

Anyone should be able to start a political party as long as that party has NO religious background.

6-Are you with or against article 8, assigning the Baath party as leader of the nation and the people?


7-Are you with or against the information ministry, and its job of guiding public debate

I understand their position. But the Syrian people are not stupid.

8-Syrian riot control groups are known for being heavy handed, using plainclothed policemen, mass arrests, visible brutality. Do you consider it necessary, or do you think the current riot control tactics must be modernized?

Not all of them are murderers. But many are led by stupid people.

9- Syria uses many extra-legal forces, units considered outside the government structure. For example there are thugs, paramilitary, businessmen. Do you think these forces are necessary? Or should be dismantled or incorporated into the official system?

Of course they should be dismantled. But the part those forces played is a hugely overrated, and most of them are just bodyguards for people with interests and sectarians working on their own.

10-Are you with or against holding government officials and security under state law?


11- Many Syrians have been jailed for publicly stating the opinions they hold, under laws such as weakening public spirit, and enticing strife. What’s your position on the prisoners of opinion?

It’s about time we forget the term “prisoners of opinion” once and for all, and I see hope in that deriction.

12-What’s your position regarding external pressure on your own country.

Depending on, supporting and justifying any kind of foreign pressure is out of the question. We solve our problems on our own.

13-What’s your opinion regarding the Syrian economy? What would you like to see?

An end of corruption is the first priority.

14- What’s your opinion on the protesters throughout Syria? Do you agree with those who say they should go back home and give the leadership a chance?

I do.

15- How do you prefer to solve the problem of bloodshed? Will you agree to an amnesty or do you want to see all those who commit murder prosecuted?

People directly responsible for the murder of Syrian people should not be given amnesty.

16- Are you afraid of sectarian conflict?

A sectarian conflict is just a matter of time. I believe in the Syrian people but no matter how small the sectarian group is it’s more effective than people might think. Any small spark can set the whole thing on fire. I just hope there’s someone there to stop it.

17-Do you think the regime could reform?

I hope it could.

18-Who are the writers on Syrian affairs that best reflect your views.

There aren’t any. Everyone has an agenda.

19-Are you worried about secularism in future Syria?


20- From 1-10, how hopeful are you of the future of Syria.



Ali_what labels himself as pro-reform. He has been labeled by the opposition as ignorant and by the loyalists as.. well lacking in loyalty basically

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3 Comments on “Interview with a label: Ali_what”

  1. Mina Says:

    Thanks Seleucid, you show with the interview of Ali-what that the Syrian youth is articulate, and this was obvious to anyone who follows you on Twitter. I am sad that the spark started from Sweden and the US, because as always with politicians, these people don’t do anything for free, and they want seats in the next cabinet. I hope for you that you will be able to keep it a Syrian issue, solved by Syrians, and that we will see in the coming days some big initiatives. That the so-called Syrian exiles will reject and call to boycott, but they should not be allowed to influence the people inside Syria who for some of them don’t understand the foreign agendas.

  2. Rudayn Says:

    Thank you Seleucid for this great initiative.
    My only conceren is that some of your ‘labeled’ interviewees are getting labeled again on your blog by those who leave unnecessary comments. I believe this initiative is directed at uniting us; not opening a new front for conflict.
    I hope to see these interviews moving forward to some sort of a debate once you have established a good foundation of healthily different views and a few civilized Syrians who believe in dialogue as a means to end this current crisis.

    • seleucid Says:

      I see what you mean. However I still think criticism is healthy, but by raising someone’s opinions from comments to a post, at least I make sure others are listening to each other. Thanks for writing, and I hope you contribute soon.

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