Interview with a label: Erksous

I’m worried about this Syria. I’m worried about seeds being planted, fledgling institutions now becoming monsters in the future. There seems to be an encouragement to go out and crush the differing opinion. Any skepticism, any questioning of the road we’re going on must be dealt with promptly. I’m worried about reaching a time where showing loyalty to my country means joining a cult.

What if this cult becomes institutionalized? What if we every neighborhood gets a loyal watchdog militia, hell bent to snuff out any form of dissent? Probably murdering any creative thought in the process?

When we lose the ability to listen to each other, to process, to agree or disagree, we lose everything.

The purpose of this project is to keep that candle lit, as long as possible.

Today’s interview is with the little known yet amazing Erksous

1-Where do you see Syria in one year?

Very Hard to tell.


2-In brief, what were your positions regarding the revolutions of Tunisia and Egypt?

I fully Supported both but not only based on my opinion of their regimes but also because it seemed that it was what most of the people in both countries had wanted.


3-What’s your opinion on the government response to protests?

Brutal and outrageously stupid.


4-How do you feel about the media wars in Syria, the blackout, and the conduct of local and regional media?

Local media has demonstrated how backward and ancient it is, but no one has been reporting the full truth.


5-What’s your opinion on legally recognized foreign parties in Syria?

I support the idea as long as there is no religion involved.


6-Are you with or against article 8, assigning the Baath party as leader of the nation and the people?



7-Are you with or against the information ministry, and its job of guiding public debate



8-Syrian riot control groups are known for being heavy handed, using plainclothed policemen, mass arrests, visible brutality. Do you consider it necessary, or do you think the current riot control tactics must be modernized?

Should be modernized; the situation has escalated to where it is today mainly because of these outdated tactics.


9- Syria uses many extra-legal forces, units considered outside the government structure. For example there are thugs, paramilitary, businessmen. Do you think these forces are necessary? Or should be dismantled or incorporated into the official system?

They should cease to exist

10-Are you with or against holding government officials and security under state law?



11- Many Syrians have been jailed for publicly stating the opinions they hold, under laws such as weakening public spirit, and enticing strife. What’s your position on the prisoners of opinion?

Stating your opinion, even publicly, should not be a crime. Those with power should always be criticized to help deter them from abusing the power they hold.


12-What’s your position regarding external pressure on your own country.

Since it’s the people who end up feeling that pressure, I am against it.


13-What’s your opinion regarding the Syrian economy? What would you like to see?

Equal opportunities, more privatization, minimum corruption


14- What’s your opinion on the protesters throughout Syria? Do you agree with those who say they should go back home and give the leadership a chance?

I want to give the regime one last chance and hope protests would stop especially that recently some protests have not been peaceful at all.


15- How do you prefer to solve the problem of bloodshed? Will you agree to an amnesty or do you want to see all those who commit murder prosecuted?

I will not agree to an amnesty.


16- Are you afraid of sectarian conflict?

Very afraid


17-Do you think the regime could reform?

I want to give them a chance to try at least, and I hope they could


18-Who are the writers on Syrian affairs that best reflect your views.

No one fully reflects my views.

19-Are you worried about secularism in future Syria?



20- From 1-10, how hopeful are you of the future of Syria.



Erksous has been called brainwashed by aljazeera and a traitor to her own country.

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