Interview with a label: Moshebli


April was a horrible month…

The blackout, the images, the government schizophrenia blended together in a mayhem of horror and blood.

Every night was spent reading through the accounts, trying to filter them, check and double check them. But even when using the strictest skepticism, the events on the ground would make your skin crawl, and you’d have to literally stick your head in the sand to keep yourself together.

In these conditions, people began to spring up who would curse the protesters, who would throw racist generalizations against whole regions in Syria. Who would call for people who dissent to be beaten, arrested, to be seen as enemies. My reaction was shock, immediately followed by rage. It was incomprehensible to me that people who have lost so much, can be treated in such a horrible manner.

Naturally, hate breeds hate.

I would go to bed every night holding back tears, and it will always confuse me what I was so broken about. Assuming the numbers of people being oppressed and intimidated would be right of course, but it wasn’t just that. Finally I convinced myself it’s the fear I was feeling, regarding the safety of me and my friends.

It was when one of the “heartless” opened up to me, and started telling me how he can’t sleep all night either, how similar his case was to mine that I realized we were both heartbroken for the same thing. Our tears were for Syria.


Today’s interview is with moshebli:

1-Where do you see Syria in one year?

I see Syria somewhere between Iraq and Lebanon, not geographically ofcourse, but in terms of security unrest, and economic crisis, especially if protests persist

2-In brief, what were your positions regarding the revolutions of Tunisia and Egypt?

Happy for Tunis, but skeptical about Egypt yet supportive mostly; however not happy with outcome

3-What’s your opinion on the government response to protests?

Very important and appropriate response in the regions of the Syrian borders; Response has been harsh at other times

4-How do you feel about the media wars in Syria, the blackout, and the conduct of local and regional media?

Media war ON Syria is far greater than the war from the regime onto internet/media. I think one of the ways to fight foreign media from creating a “Wag the Dog” situation is to cut off telecom at times, unfortunately. Syrian TV is absurd when it comes to neutrality, however it is as absurd as the other Arab channels, and actually I realised their importance to protect our country.

5-What’s your opinion on legally recognized foreign parties in Syria?

I am with forming democratic parties in Syria, only if their agenda and goals are 100% secular/patriotic and against the division of Syria. Basically no Muslim Brotherhood/ No kurdish independence parties

6-Are you with or against article 8, assigning the Baath party as leader of the nation and the people?


7-Are you with or against the information ministry, and its job of guiding public debate


8-Syrian riot control groups are known for being heavy handed, using plainclothed policemen, mass arrests, visible brutality. Do you consider it necessary, or do you think the current riot control tactics must be modernized?

I think in some parts of syria, people don’t understand with the new “develloped countries” way of riot control. That’s unfortunate. I am 100% with peaceful protests though

9- Syria uses many extra-legal forces, units considered outside the government structure. For example there are thugs, paramilitary, businessmen. Do you think these forces are necessary? Or should be dismantled or incorporated into the official system?

I agree. But I don’t think by changing the regime these people will vanish. The corrupt mentality, is in the private as well and as obvious as the public sector. The syrian people need to start with themselves before pointing fingers

10-Are you with or against holding government officials and security under state law?

Didn’t understand the question.

11- Many Syrians have been jailed for publicly stating the opinions they hold, under laws such as weakening public spirit, and enticing strife. What’s your position on the prisoners of opinion?

Some people deserved to be in prisons and others don’t. I am against an all out release of political prisoners. Cases must be treated individually.

12-What’s your position regarding external pressure on your own country.

I’ll be a traitor if I am with external pressures. I’m against external pressure.

13-What’s your opinion regarding the Syrian economy? What would you like to see?

More taxation on chinese/foreign products, and improving the syrian industries, to promote local products and businesses.
The most money should be pumped into the tourism industry (medical tourism as well), since we have the oldest cities and civilisations in the world.
Therefore we need security as well.

14- What’s your opinion on the protesters throughout Syria? Do you agree with those who say they should go back home and give the leadership a chance?

100% agree with that statement. Give the goverment 6 months. If we don’t see signs of improvements, then the regime has to go.

15- How do you prefer to solve the problem of bloodshed? Will you agree to an amnesty or do you want to see all those who commit murder prosecuted?

Amnesty. If we want to prosecute everyone, there will be civil war – no doubt about it.

16- Are you afraid of sectarian conflict?

Ofcourse. I’ll be an idiot if I’m not afraid of sectarian strife. It is very serious as well. Not only sectarian strife in Syria, but everywhere in the middle east.

17-Do you think the regime could reform?

Yes it could. We are seeing it happen everyday.

18-Who are the writers on Syrian affairs that best reflect your views.

No one really. There is not one writer that is not biased towards one party or another. Maybe I would say, Ghassan Bin Jeddo is the only analyst that reflects my views.

19-Are you worried about secularism in future Syria?

I am if the regime falls, regardless of the reasons.

20- From 1-10, how hopeful are you of the future of Syria.



Moshebli doesn’t recall any labels, but I guess he can be labeled as pro. Hai min 3andi ya3ni 😛

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