Interview with a label: Daedul

The discussion on Syria has become petty. I’m having a hard time finding someone constructive to talk and discuss with. Thankfully in times like this I have a group of friends, from all opinions, friends who love Syria, friends I can rely on.


But God knows, as a Syrian, you learn fast the curse of not being able to trust anyone.

This interview is with daedul

1-Where do you see Syria in one year?

With the way things are now, I think we’re still going to have a lot of turmoil continuing into next year. And I am an optimistic person.


2-In brief, what were your positions regarding the revolutions of Tunisia and Egypt?


I cheered them on in support of the people and their wants and needs. I never in my wildest thoughts even assumed that the people of Syria would follow suit/ be part of the Arab Spring.


3-What’s your opinion on the government response to protests?

I am speechless, disappointed and hurt. I feel so let down. There are so many things running through my head and the only thing I keep wondering is, why to this extent? (Of course, now the issue of what sort of protests are being held is another case all in all. The President just gave his speech, and like a supportive family member, you have hope.. )


4-How do you feel about the media wars in Syria, the blackout, and the conduct of local and regional media?


It’s 2011. I understand the thought of “the others” will influence you negatively which comes from a love, a passion that we Syrians strongly have towards our country. But honestly, it’s ridiculous and pathetic now.


5-What’s your opinion on legally recognized foreign parties in Syria?


I don’t completely understand this question, but if it means other parties in power in Syria. It’s working all over the world, I have faith it’ll work just fine within our country too.


6-Are you with or against article 8, assigning the Baath party as leader of the nation and the people?


I am not aware of the articles or the Syrian Legislation.


7-Are you with or against the information ministry, and its job of guiding public debate?


Against. Everything in the world is guided, Syria just doesn’t have the freedom to have a variety of public debates as freely as they would like.


8-Syrian riot control groups are known for being heavy handed, using plainclothed policemen, mass arrests, visible brutality. Do you consider it necessary, or do you think the current riot control tactics must be modernized?


Riot control tactics anywhere in the world is a scary thought. The whole idea is an uncomfortable one. I’m a make love, not war kind of person. When it comes to this sort of control, I understand Governments need it, so yes I think their methods need to be modernized. Again, modernization would mean tear gas, beating protestors like we see in a lot of the EU countries for instance. I am very uncomfortable with this question in general.


9- Syria uses many extra-legal forces, units considered outside the government structure. For example there are thugs, paramilitary, businessmen. Do you think these forces are necessary? Or should be dismantled or incorporated into the official system?


Corruption is rampant in the entire world (when it comes to businessmen), I don’t care what example you may give me of a foreign power, corruption exists as “democratic” as they claim to be. Thugs and paramilitary would however be classified as third world, and an insult to the nation. They should be dismantled altogether.


10-Are you with or against holding government officials and security under state law?


With. I don’t see anything that makes them different than us.


11- Many Syrians have been jailed for publicly stating the opinions they hold, under laws such as weakening public spirit, and enticing strife. What’s your position on the prisoners of opinion?


Definitely needs to be scraped.


12-What’s your position regarding external pressure on your own country?


I don’t like when international pressure is applied to my country. In this case, I believe the international community waited a while before applying sanctions. Sanctions are good because it puts pressure in case of ‘dilly-dallying’. Syria is a country like any typical Arabic, South European, South American country that takes its time in doing things. If you refer to Anthropology, it is simply in our blood. Pride is another factor, and yes I have taken it personally, and am insulted but I understand why they like to play God.


13-What’s your opinion regarding the Syrian economy? What would you like to see?


I’d like to see my countrymen have the ability to own anything they like. We could start with basic necessities like housing and transport. If you charge a ridiculous amount of tax, there has to be some sort of reciprocation.  I’d like their salaries to increase, their standard of living, their education. I’d like everyone to have that equality. I don’t know how to answer this question really. I apologize if my answer is too vague.
14- What’s your opinion on the protesters throughout Syria? Do you agree with those who say they should go back home and give the leadership a chance?


I’m happy that protesting has been legalized. The people of the country need to respect the leadership and think before they act though. Some of their protests have been out of hand, and rather violent. It’s like they’re asking for the State of Emergency to be returned. Yes we should give leadership a chance, and pray things get done as promised asap.


15- How do you prefer to solve the problem of bloodshed? Will you agree to an amnesty or do you want to see all those who commit murder prosecuted?


I don’t know. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, I quote Gandhi. However, I do believe in punishment.


16- Are you afraid of sectarian conflict?


Yes, very much so.


17-Do you think the regime could reform?


Yes. I also believe it won’t automatically change overnight.


18-Who are the writers on Syrian affairs that best reflect your views?


None that I know really.


19-Are you worried about secularism in future Syria?


Yes I am.


20- From 1-10, how hopeful are you of the future of Syria.


10 being the best. It’s where I belong at the end of the day, and yes I have faith in it and in what it stands for.


Daedul has been labelled a “boring activist”. Her friends are worried about her new found passion.

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2 Comments on “Interview with a label: Daedul”

  1. Connie Says:

    You have a good, rational attitude towards what’s going on, and good friends. Best of luck, and be careful as Syria moves into the future – eventually Syria is going to need you, alive and busy!

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