Madani: What civil society means for Syria

Chapter 1: an introduction

“Madaniyeh! Madaniyeh!” was a slogan called for sporadically in the first months of the Syrian unrest. The swift and brutal carnage however soon soured all ideas but the immediate reactionary, murder all concepts but those that dwell in the pathos.

As any Palestinian can tell you clearly, 70 years of pathos have done nothing to the cause, other than make it the hanging rack of all that is wrong in every single Arab country. The discussion about Syria needs a critical infusion of reason, before it descends fully into a vortex of wrath and malice.

Day by day, its becoming increasingly important that we understand the concept of citizenship, of what it means to be a member of a modern civil society. A society which Syria has experienced before, however shortly, and will not be able to evolve as an independent stable nation unless it has the power, to reach that point once again.

One cannot stress enough the significance of this step for our future. Every successful move of the past century, even the one before, had the concept of citizenship as a ground basis. Scientific progress, economic enterprises, the rise of the middle class (this one goes both ways) and the liberation of man (and woman, eventually).

We all have heard it before, how Syria is called a “special case”, called a hideous psychopathic child by those who call themselves nationalists. A potentially¬† monstrous being that must be kept safe from all dignity or stability lest it claw itself to death. I hope a better understanding of what makes this country so beautifully unique will cause many people to unshackle it in their minds, which will cause it to be unchained in reality soon after.

In the following chapters we will try to understand the concept of civil society in general, to be followed by an imagining of what cituzenship could mean for Syria in particular.

Im tired of my own helplessness, and if this is a way i can cobtribute, then i hope my first amateur book concept is helpful.

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