A wide-eyed boy from Aleppo, who started a blog not to talk but to listen. Every time I post something, I wish it would attract people of an opposite opinion to comment. I called it the Diadochi because the wars between the sons of the empire is exactly what I want, but a war to build, not to destroy.

2 Comments on “About”

  1. Haitham Al-Sheeshany Says:

    Hello there boy 4m Aleppo, 🙂
    Snoppin` around yr blog and liking it,

    May the war(s) begin, take nooo prznrz,,

    I shall be back , ok? (on the pages of yr blogs).

  2. 3aynak Bint 3aynak Says:

    War to build not to destroy? Must you declare war to build? Can you not declare love and build up an empire of compassion?

    pffffffff damn testosteroned syrians! 😛

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