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The perfect Arab consumer

May 1, 2010

Flip between the Arabic channels, see all the popular shows, clips, series. Do you see what I see?

Star Academy, Turkish soaps, talk shows… anything you can think of, all geared towards women. Even Haifa Wehbe, you think she’s trying to attract boys? Walk in an Arab street, see all the girls wearing the “Haifa fashion” to know you are very much mistaken. It’s got to a state that male viewers have nothing to watch but politics and football.

Why not? The average Arab female is the perfect consumer. Average education, little to no life experience, bored out of their brains, and in possession of all the money.

Yup, let’s not kid each other here. While it’s the father’s role to provide the money. It’s the wife and kids job to spend it. Notice how in all middle or high class families, daddy usually has the oldest mobile, lamest car, being dragged into parties he doesn’t want to attend etc.

We’re raising a generation of females in permanent adolescence, and it’s getting worse every year…

We marry them, put them inside cement walls, make them do their usual routine chores, pacify them with television images of pretty dresses and make-up, spend money on them, buy them all the shiny things they desire. Sure they don’t have any idea about life, no economic or social freedom. But it’s ok, since we’re spending 90% of our paycheck on them, they’ve gotta be happy.